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Lava Shell Massage

Lava shells tummy treatment

This non-invasive treatment starts with a soothing warm shell massage around the small and large intestine, stimulating circulation to help remove blockages leaving the tummy feeling soothed and less swollen, ideal for easing any gastric complaints and IBS. This is an encouraging massage to help the natural elimination of waste and could be thought of as a non invasive colonic therapy. The heat from the lava shells also stimulates blood supply which helps boost the circulation, improve cell renewal and elasticity resulting in healthier looking skin. The lava shell treatment can also stimulate weakened pelvic floor muscles often experienced post pregnancy. It is common in Asia for the tummy area to be massaged for 40 days after childbirth to help regain the strength, however in the UK we must allow 6 weeks after pregnancy or any operation before massage

Holistic Colonic Cleanse

A very high percentage of women suffer with constipation. General elimination usually occurs once a day but a surprising amount of women will not eliminate for two or three days. The massage will increase gut mobility and aid digestion so generally most clients will notice a big difference in their overall constitution. A common complaint of clients is being uncomfortable and bloated. There will be a significant change after the treatment and usually within 6-8 hours an easy natural elimination of gas will occur. Inch loss is achieved by the following day and a flatter stomach is quite visible.

Frequently asked questions about the stomach

Do I need a stomach massage?
The stomach area is often neglected and forgotten during a massage. There are many reasons for this: from a clients perspective it can represent, discomfort, feeling sensitive, feeling embarrassed, generally not an area that is liked. Most clients would prefer a therapist to spend more time on the back than a simple light massage on the stomach, all too often unaware of the benefits of stomach massage altogether.

What are the benefits of having it done?
Aid Digestion
Holistic colonic cleanse
Help with general gut motility
Release bloated feeling
Release emotional stress
Strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
Helps with conditions like, IBS, colon irritations
Can assist with pains caused by menstrual cramps or Endometriosis.

I prefer to have more time spent on my back
The stomach and back are connected so by releasing the stomach first you can usually release referred lower back pain. e.g.: Think of labour pains and menstrual cramps which start in the stomach but are often felt in the back as well.

I am embarrassed about this area
The therapist is very aware and sensitive to a clients concerns and it is done in the privacy of a treatment room.

Is it going to be uncomfortable or ticklish?
A warm encouraging massage is given which is quite deep. You may feel a little discomfort whilst key areas are being released. The therapist will encourage you to breathe whilst doing the massage which will help to ease sensations. The therapist works to your pain threshold and will respect the level of pressure that is acceptable.

Can you do any harm?
Absolutely not. All we do is naturally stimulate the normal gut function that may just be lazy or impaired for some reason.

Can you treat serious illness?
As practitioners we have a strict code of ethics and guide lines which include a list of contra-indication. Your therapist will be able to advise you during the consultation prior to the treatment.

How does it get rid of bloating?
As the colon is massaged it will ease the wind trapped inside. It may feel a little uncomfortable for a few seconds whilst the blockages are being released. There are NO embarrassing moments whilst this is being done!

Does the wind come out immediately?
No this will be a natural release with a bowl function about 6-8 hours after the massage.

I have constipation will it help?
Yes the gut will be stimulated to perform a natural release so generally most people will be able to eliminate naturally either the same day or next morning.

I have IBS will it help?
Most cases it will ease the discomfort felt with this condition. The gut is able to relax, stress is usually released and the gurgling effects are reduced. Regular treatments are recommended for lasting results.

Is it good for weight loss?
You will notice a considerable difference the following day. Tightly fitting clothing will feel more roomy. We do not claim it is for weight loss however results will be seen by the following day. Regular treatments are recommended for lasting results.

I don’t suffer with any problems do I still need this massage?
Everyone can benefit from having this done. Try it and you will be amazed!

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